"History Repeating" Apartment in Turin by Mercante-Testa


The project by Andrea Marcante & Adelaide Testa (UDA Architects) for the refurbishing of a 160 sqm apartment n the center of Turin attempts to construct an identity in an interior that was completely lacking in character, in spite of the impressive 19th-century outer facade, since it had completely lost its distinctive features from the period of the building’s construction.

A home of light and shadows, with perceptive “leaps” between the daytime area and the bedroom zone, where still empty parts alternate with others packed with functions, and the large openings towards the outside world of the living area form a contrast with the “loophole” frames offering a view of the tree-lined avenue below from the bedrooms: a house where the future is also in the past, when filtered by the present... just little bits of history repeating...

All images © Mercante - Testa
Photography by Carola Ripamonti