Emotional Architecture


At Sean Kelly Gallery in New York, James Casebere presents “Emotional Architecture”, his new work inspired by Mexican architect Luis Barragán. The title of the exhibition references the name given to the style of modernist architecture conceived by Barragán and the artist Mathias Goéritz, who, frustrated by the cold functionalism of Modernism, embraced space, colour and light to create buildings that engendered warmth, meditation, and reflection.

In this new body of work, Casebere returns to his career-long interrogation of interior architectural spaces to explore Barragán’s sumptuous use of colour, dramatic light and simple haptic, planar surfaces. These new works evoke the serene austerity that inhabited.
Vestibule, Emotional Architecture © James Casebere
Reception Room, Emotional Architecture © James Casebere
Empty Studio, Emotional Architecture © James Casebere
Yellow Passage, Emotional Architecture © James Casebere
Library, Emotional Architecture © James Casebere
Courtyard with Orange Wall, Emotional Architecture © James Casebere
Yellow Overhang with Patio, Emotional Architecture © James Casebere
Casebere's innovative work has established him at the forefront of artists to work with what would become known as constructed photography. His practice over the last four decades reveals the influence of film, architecture, and art history on him, in both the simple and the complex models that he creates in his studio. His table-sized constructions are made of everyday materials, pared down to their essential forms in order to create ambiguous, evocative, and, on occasion, unsettling environments. Devoid of human figures, the resulting images invite viewers to project into and inhabit the spaces he has created, relying on their imagination and memory to fill in the gaps.

James Casebere
Emotional Architecture
January 27 – March 11, 2017
Sean Kelly Gallery
475 Tenth Avenue, New York

Photos & Text via Sean Kelly Gallery