The Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum corporate identity


The Bauhaus museum in Berlin has recently introduced a new corporate design. A typeface developed by Stuttgart design agency L2M3, stands at the core of the new image. Along with the revised word mark “Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung”, the system developed by L2M3 for the Bauhaus-Archiv encompasses an extensive set of characters featuring the new typeface Bayer Next and glyphs taken from historical Bauhaus texts.

Sascha Lobe, creative director of L2M3, describes Bayer Next not as an update to the original, but an expansion or a natural evolution. “We paid homage to the diversity of the archival material by redrawing the glyphs and examining further possibilities for their adaptation and modification. The result is a total of over 555 glyps and a system that allows expansions and can be updated easily,” explains Lobe. In this way, unlimited possibilities have been created for adapting the design’s application in printed materials and digital media.

All images: Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, ©/Design: L2M3

Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung