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"Gino Sarfatti designed his first lamp by default when a family friend asked him to turn a glass vase into one. Sarfatti placed a lighting fixture from a coffee machine inside the vase, and was so intrigued by the process that he opened the “rational lighting” workshop to produce more lights."  [ via ]

Sarfatti designed and produced over 600 floor lamps, chandeliers, spotlights and other “light fittings”, between the mid-1930s and early 1970s. How many photos of his work fit in one or two posts? Not enough obviously! So, I made a board on my Pinterest where I will add photos in a regular bases. Take a look!

Gino Sarfatti chandelier No.2072 for Arteluce, 1953  [ via ]
Gino Sarfatti ceiling lamp No.2070 for Arteluce, 1959  [ via ]
Gino Sarfatti floor lamp No.1082 for Arteluce, 1962  [ via ]
Gino Sarfatti table lamp No.594 for Arteluce, 1962  [ via ]
Gino Sarfatti table lamp No.606 for Arteluce, 1971  [ via ]