Located in San Sebastián, Spain, this apartment, designed back in 2004, is the home of Jose Gabriel and Calparsoro Gorritxo, founders of the design firm Estudio555. They reached out Andrée Putman to see if she would be interested in designing their home. Putman, at the age of 80, said yes and the three went on to collaborate to create this beautiful space.

The house was completely gutted, and the team went about filling it from scratch with volumes, axes, inversions, prospects and light plays. Optimising light was a priority, which saw an entire wall replaced with glass bricks – a simple, yet hugely effective idea. Most of the furniture and storage was custom-made, efficiently built-in as part of the architecture, like the suspended library shelving in the living room and the luxurious ‘room within a room’ bed.

The overall effect is a little Japanese and a little modernist in nature. Putman said: “It’s peaceful, solid and dignified. It’s not meant to impress people.” Nevertheless, it does.

Photography Antonio Terrón for AD España
Text via Yellowtrace

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