Northern Noir is the new book by Paris-based photographer Kourtney Roy, published by Editions la Pionniere. It unfolds as a series of movie stills from a fictional film noir set in rural suburbia in which Roy herself is the protagonist.

"My intent was to create a series of film stills taken from an unknown and fictional film, more precisely, a crime film. I wanted to photograph the non-events that encircle the places where transgressive acts may have taken place. The banality of the scenes photographed both hides and yet hints at the presence of shady and malevolent happenings. These fragments capture unintentional and marginal details. Their mundane and anecdotal qualities are fetishized and magnified, adding a sense of dread to the otherwise indifferent and un-extraordinary scenes."
          - Kourtney Roy on The Eye of Photography

All photos © Kourtney Roy via Yatzer

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