Deering House in Casey Key, FL. Designed by Paul Rudolph, 1958. Photography Ezra Stoller.

Leavengood House in St. Petersburg, FL. Designed by Paul Rudolph & Ralph Twitchell, 1951. Photography Ezra Stoller.

Healy Guest House, aka the "Cocoon House" in Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL. Designed by Paul Rudolph & Ralph Twitchell, 1950. Photography Ezra Stoller.

Sarasota Modern, a regional style of post-war architecture that emerged on Florida's Central West Coast, is characterized by its attention to climate and terrain. Large sunshades, innovative ventilation systems, oversized sliding glass doors, floating staircases, and walls of jalousie windows dominate many of these buildings, mostly built between 1941 and 1966.
All of the above houses were designed by architect Paul Rudolph who moved to Sarasota after his Harvard studies, and partnered with Ralph Twitchell for four years until he started his own practice in 1952.

Photos via Ezra Stoller

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