"Kreis 48" Lithograph, 1950

"Ausstellung - Gewerbemuseum Basel" Lithograph, 1952

"Old and New Forms in Japan" Silkscreen, 1959

"125 Jahre Stadt Theater Basel" Poster, 1960

"Art Education in the USA" Lithograph, 1961

"Herman Miller Collection, Möbel unserer Zeit" Lithograph, 1962

"TELL" Poster, 1963

"Plakate aus Sammlung des Gewerbe museums Basel" Linocut, 1964

Armin Hofmann was born in Winterthur, Switzerland, in 1920. After studying at the School of Arts and Crafts in Zurich, he worked as a lithographer in Basel and Bern, and opened a studio in Basel. In 1947, he began teaching at the Basel School of Arts and Crafts after meeting Emil Ruder on a train and learning that the school was looking for a teacher. Hofmann would remain there for 40 years. In 1968, he initiated the advanced class for graphic design, and in 1973 he became head of the graphic design department. He first taught in the United States at Philadelphia College of Art in 1955, and shortly after began teaching at Yale University, where he played a key role until his resignation in 1991. In 1965, he published "Graphic Design Manual", a distillation of the essential principles of his rational approach to teaching design. Nearly half a century later, the revised edition of this pedagogical classic is still in print.

"I feel that a sensible and meaningful form of advertising can be achieved by simplification of the formal language and by restraint in the treatment of the verbal message"

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