Olivetti was the design and industry leader, as typewriter manufacturer's producing early computers and calculator's by the 1950’s, a company that gave great attention to exceptional quality and design in all of their products. In 1957 Adriano Olivetti assigned Carlo Scarpa to design a display space for his Olivetti products. The result was one of the most significant architectural achievements of the 20th century.

Through the addition of windows and attention to interior transparencies, Scarpa blended the exterior and interior and was able to open the Olivetti Store into a light, and comfortable place.

Located on Venice’s Piazza San Marco, the Store was Olivetti's main showroom for decades before changing owners and turned into a novelty shop. In 2010 the space's owner, Assicurazioni Generali, began working with the Venice Heritage office to refurbish the shop to its original appearance, reinstating authentic materials, forms and color schemes. They also turned to the Italian cultural institution, FAI to protect and manage the building, which is filled with a unique collection of typewriters and calculators donated by Olivetti and since 2011 is open to the public for regular visits along with the rest of the space.

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